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The Purpuse Of This Movie Website

This website is dedicated to movie lovers across the world know matter where you’re from, your race or your ethnic background. It’s safe to say that we all love movies but it’s not safe to say that we all love the same type of movies because despite people being the same we are very different at the same time. Some of us might like action movies and someone else might like fiction movies and none of our choices are right or wrong, there are simply our choices and opinions. This site is dedicated for movie lovers. No matter what genre of movies you are into we welcome everyone to contribute and to add value to our website so that every fellow person who comes to do this website will have the best user experience possible.

On this website you can submit any material that is movie related, even african movies and our administrators will go ahead and overlook whatever you submit and we might consider adding it to our website. To avoid spam and to avoid lowering the quality of not only our site but the experience of our users we decided to go ahead and manually review content and add content like. This way the quality of the site will be 100% as accurate as possible because when it comes to the best professional teeth whitening, no one wants to shift through hundreds of pages, and articles especially when are pressed for time. Whether you found a new movie website or simply have a few opinions about movies that you recently seen we would be glad to review your information and consider adding it to our website.

My name is John and I am one of the owners and writers of this movie website and I would like to tell you a little bit about this website so you can get a cleaner picture as to why I made it and how you can contribute. As a kid I always love to find free movies to watch, I would spend hours on end searching, buying and - st cloud roofing contractors collecting new movies. By the time I reached the age of 10 I had over 5000 different movies like ranging from various genres and as you can imagine my room was stocked free drug pack full of VHS tapes to rehab, back then you coulden't just download free movies like you can today. Back then DVDs did not exist nor was the Internet that prevalent; to be honest it must’ve been around 80s so unless you went to the library you probably didn’t own a computer.

Despite there being no HD movies or television sets or at that time the fascination of movies inspired me so much so that as I grew older I vowed to do something within the movie industry like. At that point in time I didn’t know exactly what I would be doing but I knew I would be doing something. I was always told that anything can be addictive whether it’s food, shopping, if you like to watch movies or anything. I must say that I was definitely addicted to movies and I am still addicted till this day. On average are probably watch almost 10 to 15 movies the day, and this is entire movies not just skimming through it. A lot of people was concerned about me going to roofing contractors davenport ia, they thought that maybe I had some type of problem psychologically and try to cover it up with watching movies but that wasn’t the case at all, I just had a love and fascination for film.

Fast forward to a few years later computer started to get cheaper and the average family could afford to get one so I saved enough cash to buy. At that point in time the Internet was still a baby and there wasn’t much you could do besides just surf the web for. Online movies and music were pretty much nonexistent all the you had was static webpages. At that point in time a friend of mine who was studying computers said that we should go ahead and make a movie website. In my head I was wondering how on earth could we make a movie website when you can even watch media with your computer so we went ahead and just scrap the idea but who knows maybe if we had followed that idea and that point in time we would’ve became millionaires but oh well.

As the years went on and the Internet continue to grow that same idea came again and resurfaced and at that point in time I felt that now would be the perfect time to create the website since high-speed Internet is starting to find its way into everyone’s household it wasn’t becoming a luxury anymore but almost a necessity to keep up with the evolving times. I personally do not know how to create website so I teamed up with my friend who has programming knowledge and to me being a very good writer we teamed up to form this website. This website is going to be dedicated to the discussion of movies and only movies. We noticed that other websites who claim to be “movie websites” did not focus on the main subject which was movies.

So with all this being said now you know why this site was created and our main focus for this website and what we’re trying to do with it. We want all related will be discussions and news to be posted on this website. Every piece of content like that you sent to us we will go ahead and review and if we find a satisfactory will go ahead and added and credit you as being the original author of this piece of content. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us anytime you feel like you need any help or if you notice any errors with the website or just want to submit content to us.

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